The mother cat waited so long for her turn to be adopted and after a few months the kind girl finally took her home


Thanks to numerous rescue organizations, many animals have found their happy homes. A cat named Quinn is one of them.

Bringing a pregnant cat to The Exploits Valley, various studies have been done to understand its condition.

Just a few days after the cat arrived here, it gave birth to eight magnificent kitties.

Mother cared for all of them them very carefully.

Fortunately, the kittens were all healthy and after growing up, almost all of them found their caring families in a very short time.

Time passed, but the sweet mother cat was left alone in the shelter.

Quinn was the cat who spent the most time in the shelter during that time.

Six months had passed, but she was still looking forward to his family.

She still did not lose hope of having a happy future.

Things changed after Alison Crowe decided to adopt a kitten a few months ago, and when she saw the shelter publication about the cat, she could not remain indifferent.

She decided to adopt the mother cat with one of his kittens.

She was so happy that she could finally spend her life in a caring home with one of her little babies.

Today she is enjoying her days in the arms of her beloved owber, who adores her. The shelter staff was also very happy for the cat.

Alison is delighted that she have made such a right decision and given a lovely cat the opportunity to have a happy life surrounded by her loved ones.

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