After two years of being separated the missing dog recognized his owner by his smell


We must take the best care of our sweet and extremely loyal friends, doing our best for them, because they are always ready to give their lives for us.

It is not for nothing that they are considered the most loyal creatures in the world, who love us – their owners more than themselves.

This story, which is about a dog named Pakita, will simply touch your heart. We can all imagine how much pain it is to lose a beloved animal.

And this man went through it. His dog had run away from home 2 ears ago and his owners could not find him.

However, his owner, Ariel Naweyra, did not lose hope during all that time, believing that one day he would be reunited with his beloved dog, whom he adored and missed so much.

It turned out that Pakita had lived on the street for a long time, before the volunteers saw him once, and of course, took the dog to live with him to the shelter until they would found a family for him. The dog was always very sad, he did not want to communicate with anyone.

No one even wanted to take him home. During all this time, one of the volunteers took care of him and did everything he could to make him feel safe.

And imagine what finally happened. He met his owner, whom he was waiting every day.

And yes,he still remembered his owne’s scent. It’s so exciting…

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