After spending his whole life in the cold streets adorable doggie finally found eternal home


The poor dog is called Solovino, who has spent his whole life in the cold streets.

Despite everything he went through, he never gave up and fought for his life.

One day a sick and hungry dog was lying on a porch, completely exhausted, and it seemed that it was the end and he was about to surrender.

But he could not even imagine that it would be the beginning of his happy life, Trruhi noticed the old dog sleeping on his balcony.

Pitying her, she decided to feed him. It was she who named the dog Solo, meaning lonely.

She decided to seek the help of an organization, and soon the dog was in the shelter.

After passing all the procedures and recovering, but unfortunately, no one wanted to adopt him. He was sent to a foster family, where he lived for 1.5 years. After that, after seeing his photo on the Internet, a woman contacted the foster family.

There seemed to be a hope for the baby of having a home forever. They wanted to adopt the boy.

When they came to take him, the dog was very confused and ashamed of people.

Of course, this was also due to the cruel life he had lived before.

Messina, the adopter of the dog, was ready to give the dog all her love and care.

Finally, Solo enjoyed a happy life and a caring family. The dog was slowly adjusting to his new life and family.

The mother knew that the dog was deaf and also had some other problems. But that didn;t stop them from taking the dog home and making him a full member of her family.

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