After 12 years of rescuing them they returned to visit them and what happened just shocked everyone


I think you also adore reading various amazing and interesting stories about animals like us.

It seems that so much positive energy comes from these wonderful and amazing creatures.

They are a real gift from nature. All animals are wonderful and unique in their type, features and essence.

We often come across so many amazing stories about them that it often seems unbelievable.

They are especially needed to be read by those people who claim that animals can have no emotions.

These are very wrong beliefs, and in time they will start to change their opinion about it.

Many people think of gorillas as wild or cowardly creatures, but at the same time they are actually the cutest and nicest creatures in the world.

It has been twelve years since they took to the forests of Gabon and released the gorillas named Jalta and Bims.

Now they are back here looking for them, convinced in the bottom of their hearts that after so many years the animals will recognize them as their rescuers.

What happened seemed quite unbelievable.

Just watch the video to experience more full emotions.

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