A boy from Africa walked more than 2 miles to save the life of a puppy


One day a boy from Africa came out to help the dog. He walked a full 2.5 miles from Delft to rescue the pup.

The boy noticed that the dog was getting worse and worse, he even stopped eating0, besides that he often had bloody diarrhea.

So, realizing that the dog needed immediate help, he went out to ask for help.

He walked alone to the city to save the baby. He found a place who help local dogs and cats. The rescue team is called Stöckig.

One of the employees said that they would do everything to save the baby’s life and feed him, because he had lost too much weight.

They also told the boy not to worry about the baby, because after recovering they will find a loving home for him.

They thanked the boy for walking so far to save the baby. He was already in safe hands.

It turned out that the baby was suffering from a disease called parvovirus.

It is a deadly disease and he would not survie without treatment.

The dog was named Nanuk and to make him happy, other puppies were brought to him so that he would not feel alone.

Rescuers are now actively looking for an eternal home for the baby.

So thanks to the kind heart of this young boy, the sweet baby was saved.

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