The kind fisherman saved the little cubs from drowning returning them to their mother


A bear came here to swim with its 4cubs. The mother started first, then the little cubs slowly joined her.

However, they swam slowly cause it was very diggicult for them. Moreover, her cubs could barely stay afloat.

The fact is that the mother had already reached the shore by swimming, but she was already very tired and had absolutely no strength to swim back and pull her cubs out of the water.

They could really drown in the water, because it was already quite cold and it was getting harder and harder to swim.

Fortunately, at that moment, several fishermen were sailin,. Seeing this, they decided to come to the rescue and rescue the cubs that were struggling to survive.

When the bear saw the people and their boat, he began to feel danger and growl anxiously so that they would not approach his babies.

So the fishermen hesitated for a moment, thinking that it would be very dangerous to approach the cubs.

However, the people decided to help the cubs and raise them in the boat, but with the help of a net.

It is true that it was very difficult, but everyone managed to get out of the water, saving them from drowning.

Of course, the biggest obstacle was waiting in front – the mother of the cubs.

So fishermen decided to swim along it insteld of reaching the shore, as they could not predict the wild animal’s footsteps.

Kind people quickly brought the cubs to the shore. Then the mother bear with his babies hurried to the forest together.

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