The 6-year old gorilla ‘babysitter’ comes to help when mother gorilla feels exhausted


All mothers need some break, whether they’re humans or animals. This time it refers to gorillas.

It is known that there’s a large population of mountain gorillas, in the Viruonga Mountains located in Rwanda, who are endangered now. But the “babysitter” of a three-year-old gorilla named Ubukombe is always ready to help.

Lately, the mother was exhausted as she took care of her baby all day and night. So Ubukomb took steps to help the mother gorilla by taking care of the baby on հիս own.

The mother gorilla has seven children, so it is very difficult for her to take care of everyone without any help. Were it not for volunteers like Ubukombe, Gutangara’s life would have been much complicated. His skill as a nanny is very impressive for everyone, as it turns out that he is only six years old.

There are only 1,000mountain gorillas left in the world. And it is very good that there are helpers like him and they come to help in difficult moments.

Gorilla mothers usually need four years to wean their baby, and during that time they do not become pregnant.

So the sooner the babies become independent, the sooner the mother will have more babies.

The Fossey-Fund is making a lot of efforts in this regard and thanks to them there is still hope that these gorillas will return from the danger of extinction.

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