Being diagnosed with cancer the dog just wanted to see his beloved owner for the last time


We are going to tell a very touching story about a faithful dog and its owner. The name of the hero dog is Kermi.

One day he started to feel bad and the owners immediately took him to the veterinarian for examination. Unfortunately, the dog was diagnosed with cancer and the doctors said that the puppy had only a few months to live.

The dog realized that he was ill and didn’t have much time. He had only one wish ․ to see his ‘father’, who was in nine months of service. He was ready to fight for his life for the last meeting with his lovely owner, whome he missed so much ․․․

Its owner, named Eric Raston, served in the US Navy. Before his return, the dog was cared for by his family members.

The woman was in so much pain for the dog and did not know how to tell the news to her husband. She also understood the pain and feelings of the dog that was waiting for him․․․ The dog was so brave that he fought for 3 months and met his beloved owner. Their meeting was unspeakably touching.

Seeing him, the dog immediately ran and jumped into the owner’s arms. It seemed that everything changed at once and he forgot all his difficulties. They even celebrated the dog’s 12th birthday together.

Unfortunately, the dog passed away a few days later, surrounded by his loved ones.

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