The stray kitten needed love and care so much that when he entered the house hugged the little pup


Vitalina asked her mother why the cat was always sitting there alone. The mother replied that it belonged to their previous neighbours.

The girl said maybe she was asking us for help, because she looked so sad.
The girl’s mother knew that their neighbours had moved long ago and that the cat was living alone there.

The woman always left food for him when he left the house.

Vitalina had recently brought a puppy, so she did not want to take the cat home too.

One day when her mother came home from work, she saw that kitten lying with their puppy.

She wanted to get angry that her husband had let the cat in, but her anger immediately disappeared when she saw how the little kitty and their puppy hugged each other.

There was so much warmth in that scene. The cat dreamed about care so much that as soon as he entered the house, he wanted to hug the little one.

The kitten did not leave his side all day long. The name of the puppy is Dot, who has already grown up and looks adorable.

Because it was already hot, Dot had to live in the yard.

And the cat could not come to terms with the thought that he would sleep without hugging his dear friend.

So he eventually moved in with the dog to live closer to the yard.

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