After the day of hard work at the dairy show the boy fell asleep with his beloved cow


Humans and their pets have a special connection that can simply capture our hearts.

Most people think that animals do not have strong emotions, but after spending some time with them, they will realize how sensitive and devoted they really are to their beloved owners.

When this photo was spread on the Internet, it promptly occupied the whole Internet.

It shows a boy with his cow who was sleeping together.

The fact is that this guy named Mitchel Miner, and his cow Audrey, participated in a dairy-show at a fair in Iowa.

So due to their hard work, they took fifth place. After the competition, they were so exhausted that they immediately slept together in the barn.

Seeing this scene, the boy’s father, Jeremy, decided to take a picture of them, this wonderful duo.

After that, they posted the photo on the Internet, which immediately captured people’s hearts.

They grew up on a farm with their whole family, so they wanted their children to grow up and live there too.

Now the family lives somewhere else, but still they always take animals for the summer so that their children can feel the life on the farm and that wonderful atmosphere.

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