The BBC presenter gave an equivalent response to the man who called his dog unattractive


James Greenwood, who is a veterinarian and alsi BBC presenter, has a wonderful dog.

Labrador’s name is Oliver, who has only one eye, but that fact doesn’t stop him from having the brightest smile ever.

He proudly shows the photos of his dog, which he adores. He always mentions that every dog ​​is beautiful in its own way.

But even if thousands of people say wonderful things about a dog, there are always people who spoil the moment with their negative words.

Someone made a bad comment about the dog’s appearance, which made his owner very angry.

So he decided to talk about it on social media in order to get a worthy response to such an act. The beautiful Oliver was called “unattractive”.

The fact is that when the dog was still a puppy, he was attacked by a large Labrador, and because of this he lost an eye.

He was the only one of his siblings whom no one wanted to adopt.

But happily Greenwood appeared in time, who appreciated the real beauty and kind heart of the dog. Every dog has unique beauty.

After the publication of Greenwood, all the followers sent him and his beloved dog many warm words and gave positive impulses.

Fortunately, there are many people who always support others and spread kindness.

Nothing can change one person’s attitude. Let us thank all the people with a big heart who are always ready to support and give love to others.

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