In spite of his gloomy face this cat is the friendliest and sweetest creature ever and everyone adores him


Saul arrived at the hospital in poor health and completely bruised.

From that day on, everyone’s goal was to do everyting to make him feel better.

The staff was so caring that the kitty slowly began to recover.

The cat has only one unusual character trait, that amazes everyone.

He always has the most difficult facial expression, and it is doesn’t matter he is happy or sad.

Saul was rescued by one kind man who spotted him walking down a London street in the heavy rain.

He was seriously injured and needed immediate help.

When a man noticed him there, he promptly called the RSPCA to come and rescue the baby. So after a few minutes he was taken to a clinic.

In spite of his fierce face, the cat showed that he is the friendliest and kindest cat, but you will never notice it from his appearance.

Saul always has a gloomy face, and no one can say what caused it.

The most important thing is that he already feels very well and safe after receiving proper cure.

We hope that one kind family will come to adopt him soon and give him his love and warmth.

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