The super adorable cat named Pisco looks like a real life version of the cat from the ‘Shrek’ cartoon


A cat named Pisco has become a real star due to its extraordinary beauty.

Every time I see him, it seems that he has come out of a fairy tale.

When everyone sees him, they immediately remember Shrek cartoon, especially the Cat.

She is so sweet and tender. look into his adorable eyes.

When Pisco was adopted, he was so shy. At first he was very afraid ofeverything and avoided everyone.

In time, he got used to everyone and became more active and courageous.

He began to associate with everyone, and he took pleasure in those who approached him and wanted to caress him.

He just needed some time to realize that there was nothing to fear and that he was safe. Everyone just adored him.

After taking him home, the family life changed completely. It was filled with lots of love and happiness.

The owners even created an account for the cat, entertaining his fans with his cute pictures.

The cat became famous immediately. Everyone shared and admired his wonderful photos.

He has especially become popular when the kitty repeated the famous face of the cat from the cartoon, captivating everyone’s hearts with its beautiful eyes.

Now he is followed from all over the world and he has more than 600thousand followers on Instagram.

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