The high schooler saved the life of the poor little donkey and now they’ve become best friends


Kindness changes lives.

The boy was out for a walk one day when he came across a starving donkey that had been probably abandoned.

Unable to help the donkey alone, the boy turned to his friend Dankworth for help.

Dankworth took Jackie home to take care of him. The terribly emaciated animal was so grateful to her.

She even stayed up all night hugging Jack. She introduced him to everything and fed her.

The connection between them was getting stronger and it was just inexplicable.

He was saved from death and given a second chance at life.

After being so weak and thin at first, he has now changed indescribably, becoming active and lively.

He is now a full member of the Dankworth family.

Dankworth’s family did not intend to keep a donkey, but they have enough space to keep him safe and secure.

How wonderful it is that there are so many kind people in the world who come to the aid of those in need and make them part of their family by caring for them and giving love!

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