From the very beginning of their meeting the sweet cat and dog just fell in love with each other


Everything changed immediately after the dog appeared in this family. When he was brought home, he completely changed the couple’s life. His name was Tako. Delfina, dog’s owner, says that the dog is very active and friendly.

There is a kitten who has been living in their neighbor’s garage for a long time. They decided to arrange a meeting between the two.

The cat was so friendly, as if they had known each other for a long time, they became friends so quickly.

The little cat wanted to hug the puppy and play. They were looking forward to their next meeting.

From the very beginning, a real friendship was created between the cat and the dog.

They became inseparable friends and spent most of their time together.

They parted so hard that as soon as the sun rised they hurried to greet each other.

One day it was raining hard, and when Delfina saw that the cat was sitting there waiting for them, they could not remain indifferent and immediately brought her home.

She was completely wet, but she was so happy to be at her friend’s house.

They eventually decided to adopt the cat and keep it in their home.

It was such a great happiness for all of them. They named the kitty Tequila. Friends will always be inseparable and will have a wonderful time together.

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