Two best friend moms gave birth to their kittens supporting each other during all the difficulties


Both cats were pregnant when the good volunteers came to their rescue.

The kittens were inseparable every minute, giving each other comfort and a sense of comfort.

It helped them in the most difficult moments of their lives and together they overcame all the cruel days.

They were still very scared at first, but the volunteers decided to leave them alone for a while until they adjusted to the new conditions.

They were calm because the two of them felt more at ease with each other.

Soon they began to communicate with the people working there, realizing that they just wanted to help them.

One of them,named Olivie,simply loved the massage session and felt completely safe.

A few days later the cat named Pickle gave birth. There were six of them, five of whom unfortunately didn’t survive.

Olive was by her best friend’s side all the time and was her strongest supporter.

Then Olivia gave birth to her first baby.

The most amazing thing was that 24 hours later she gave birth to another kitten.

That’s why her guardian was worried about such a long break.

Unfortunately, both of them had complications with the babies, but they did not leave each other alone during the whole process.

Cats have grown quite a bit already and every day the little kittens become more active and naughty.

What refers to their mothers, they are still inseparable take excellent care of their babies.

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