This is Mosha, the first elephant in the whole history to have such a prosthesis implanted


This is Mosha, who is a very special elephant, because unfortunately went through many many difficulties in his life.

But he struggled and was saved making history by his example. He is actually the first elephant in history to have such a prosthesis implanted.

At the age of 8 months, he lost his leg because of a mine. This caused a huge problem, first of all for his spine and 3 limbs.

Fortunately, he was properly assisted by the Friends of the East Elephants Foundation. Here he got his new leg.

The organization does a lot of such good deeds, helping quite a lot of elephants.

The elephant received long treatments to recover.

He also made good friends with the locals.

In the pictures you can see kind people who help the elephant in every way.

He slowly tries to adjust to his new leg and learns to walk.

They are all very caring and do their job with great responsibility.

How good it is that the elephant was saved! Many thanks to all the good people who are not indifferent to the needy.

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