After being rescued the beautiful fox has become a house pet who has a wonderful daddy


After seeing the poor fox with injuries, the passer-by couldn’t just pass indifferently and leave him in that difficult situation.

So the project named “Fox”came to his aid. They named him Jack. After receiving proper treatment, they realized that they could not allow the fox to return to the wild.

It would have very bad consequences, because he had already learned to live among people.

So even though they did not expect anyone to agree to that, they decided to try and find someone who would adopt the fox.

Fortunately, a man named Mike responded to the announcement that he had long wanted to adopt a fox.

The retired engineer assured them that he would be able to take care of him. He noted that he had already had such an experience in the past.

Some time ago he had a fox named Cropper. They understood each other very well and became wonderful friends in a very short time.

They simply became inseparable. Sadly, his beloved fox died after 6 happy years with his caring father.

So this man has now decided to this fox and, take care of him.

He once said that keeping a fox as a pet is really difficult.

But he can no longer imagine his life without his beloved one. They simply adore each other.

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