The kind man stopped the train and saved the life of the little turtle who stuck on the lanes


It happens that our lovely friends animals need immediate help from people.

We should not be indifferent to them and just leave. They need us to help them and move them to safer places.

People deserve a lot of respect when they put everything aside and decide to help needy animals.

The poor turtle was in such a situation. To save the turtle stuck on the lanes, the train attendant hurried to stop it to save the little creature.

Seeing him, he simply got off the train, crossed the lines, took the little creature in his arms and placed it on the other side of the fence so that the animal would not stay there helpless.

The turtle was so thankful and happy. After being rescued he just left quickly.

Saving the turtle was a very good decision. Fortunately, the man noticed the little animal.

Of course, the passengers could not understand why the train stopped so immediately.

But as soon as they arrived, he explained to his passengers why he had stopped the train.

Everyone was so happy that he helped the little turtle.

They’re all are our friends and we must always help them. It’s just our responsibility to our planet.

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