‘You’re here to save me’. That words were reflected in his eyes when he noticed her


Pitbull crawled home to seek refuge. It seemed that the following words were reflected in his eyes ․ “You are here to save me.”

Tabian was a stray dog ​​when a kind rescuer from Saint Louis arrived to rescue him.

He approached a lady’s balcony and began to curl up. You just had to see his poor eyes.

He seemed to know exactly who he was going to. At first, when the rescuers approached him, he did not imagine that they had gone there to rescue him and give him shelter.

He had waited so long for that day. He was so hungry and thirsty in the streets that he was completely exhausted.

This was evidenced by his extremely emaciated body.  The dog seemed to know and felt that they were going to save him there, cause he wisely followed the rescuer to the van. Some time later, Tabian was already in the shelter.

The dog with the sweet character just wanted to play and give love to everyone. He was so kind and tender.

He deserves to have the happiest life, surrounded by people who love him and provide him with the happiest life ever.

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