They found each other in the most difficult days of their lives and became inseparable


He was found completely wet, waiting impatiently for help. His rescuer took him to a shelter where he could rest in a warm atmosphere.

He was about 10 weeks old when he appeared there. So at first he was very confused and did not understand what was happening.

Then, feeling the kindness and warmth of the people, everything fell into place. He was called Ginger.

Then Annie was transferred there. He was found wandering in the area of ​​a nearby sports club.

He was very weak and completely covered with ticks. His colleagues did their best to make him feel well and fully recovered.

The two were quite far apart, so no one could have imagined how they could communicate with each other.

The staff also mentioned that the connection between them seemed unbelievable.

As it turned out, they had completely different plans for the future.

One day when the staff entered the room, they did not find Ginger there and were very scared.

Some time later, however, he was found in Annie’s cage.

At first they were very surprised to see the dog and the cat together, thinking that it could have bad consequences.

But they simply underestimated the possible friendship between the dog and the cat.

The couple seemed to be supporting each other. The staff initially tried to take the cat back to its place, but failed.

Now they are always together, sharing their daily life with each other. They are so happy.

In addition, the dog initially felt quite weak and after the presence of the cat, positive changes were observed.

They take care of each other like real friends. So adorable!

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