The sweet dog couldn’t even sleep until the ‘right person’ came and took him home


This wonderful dog is Bella. At first she lived in a shelter in Romania that was not like the one in the United States.

They are often kept outside there, and the conditions are not good. Due to poverty, the shelters do not even get enough food.

Unfortunately, dogs do not eat as much as they should.

When Bella was brought here, she was underweight and very scared.

Such conditions were unusual for her after living such a long time in the street.

At first the rescuers promptly took her to the veterinarian and took proper care of him.

After a while, the good volunteers of the shelter started to find a caring family for the sweet baby, who will take a proper care of her after such difficult days.

But Bella hardly slept there. She found it difficult to feel safe in that place. She sometimes put her head on her rescuer’s knees and fell asleep.

When they went to the vet, she was able to get at least some sleep and rest.

Bella has now found her beloved family and is finally living a happy life. She had been waiting so long for that happy day.

Our beloved Bella finally feels perfectly calm and safe.

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