The cutest cat who was born without his ears has found the most caring family ever


The name of this cat is Potato. He is a very cute cat who was born without ears and lived long on the streets.

Two years ago he was finally saved by Treasure Life, Be Kind To Animals, located in China.

He was treated for cereminous adenoma, but doctors had to remove the canals and ears to prevent a recurrence of his illness.

He has already recovered perfectly from the surgery, thanks to his loving family, with whom he enjoys her life every day. He also has a sister and a brother.

They even decided to share his wonderful photos with his beloved family.

They opened an Instagram account for him, where they tell about him.

Cause Potato հad been a stray cat, no one knows how old he was or when he was born.

They think that their favorite cat is about 6 years old, but since they can not know for sure, they decided to celebrate April 25 as his birthday.

So the lovely cat gets balloons and a cake that day to celebrate its happy day.

Potato enjoys playing and sharing his life with his loved ones.

Now Potato can hear very well. He is a very smart and calm cat,and also likes to play different games.

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