The woman who had more than 17 pets, decided to take a family portrait with all of them


It seems almost impossible to take a beautiful picture with a pet, and as a result we mostly have blurry photos.

And imagine that they are 17. How difficult it is to gather everyone in one place and take photos.

Nevertheless, Katie Smith, the owner of them all, did what seemed impossible.

A total of 17pets sat down to have a nice family pic. It is obvious that this 30-year-old woman , named Katie, adores animals very much.

She is a proud mother of 8 dogs and 9 cats. In addition to dogs and cats, she also has also fish and hedgehog cubs.

One day Katie decided to gather all the cats and dogs to take one amazing photo. However, it was not easy for her.

First, she began to accommodate dogs that seemed ready for the challenge.

Although the cats were not so easily convinced, the woman had to accommodate them times.

Then, for a second, all her animals were in place, ready to look at the camera. It turned out so well, I think you will agree.

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