The dog who was thrown away from the balcony,was saved miraculously and now found the best family ever


Aa few months ago after falling from the balcony , the dog was saved miraculously.

Dog’s previous life had become a real hell, filled with various abuses. His heart was completely broken ․․․

In December last year, the police and his deputy received a call about several terrorists.

Alison Murphy attacked the maid and threatened to jump over the fence.

When the lady hurried out with her dog, she suddenly threw the dog on the railing.

It was so disturbing. Luckily, the dog was not injured.

Since then, the dog has been cared for by Alicia, in one of the animal shelters.

The video with his participation immediately spread all over the Internet and many wanted to adopt him.

Miracle has already been adopted by a wonderful family, where he feels very safe and seems to have regained his happiness.


His new family is doing everything so as he can overcome the difficulties he has seen in the past and to live a calm and peaceful life.

Moreover, it became clear that his former owner was fined $ 1,200; he will not be allowed to keep a pet for five years. Fortunately, everything ended successfully.

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