A mother cat who was rescued from the severe cold, gave birth to 5 adorable kittens


A cat was seeking refuge near Lake Chela in Washington state. When the neighbor noticed him, he decided to bring him home.

After a while, he realized that the cat was pregnant and needed care. The man quickly contacted a rescuer living there․

Ashley is a rescur, who immediately came to the cat’s aid, took her home to care for her.

The kitten was fed and calmed down because she was safe in her new family.

The future mother cat loved to sit by the window and spend long hours there, following people. He was named Bird because of his habit.

The cat gave birth to its babies at night. The woman had placed a basket with blankets for her to feel better in a calmer environment.

She gave birth to 5 cute kitties. They all felt safe and comfortable from the very beginning.

When they are all old enough, Ashley will start looking for caring families that will give them love and warmth.

When the kittens grew up and became active, they wanted to go out and explore the area, which was new and very interesting for them.

So Ashley took steps to make it possible for them by accommodating them in loving homes.

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