After being rescued, the sweet mum Chihuahua surpassed the world record by giving birth to 11 pups


They saw that Chihuahua was pregnant when rescuers came to the rescue. However, at that time they could not imagine how many there would be.

His name is LOL. The former owner handed over the dog to Pets adoption and rescue org. in Kansas.

Then she was handed over to the foster family, because she could give birth at any moment and that would be better for her.

The family took great care of him. The dog gave birth just a few days later.

Her foster parents stayed with her all the time when she gave birth. She felt very safe.

At first they were eight, and they thought she must be done. But then came 9th, then 10th ․․․․

But it was not over. The next day they were already 11. 11 wonderful puppies.

Fortunately, all the pups were safe and sound.LOL is now such a proud mom. They even set a world record.

She takes good care of her pups with the help of her parents. He will soon be registered in the record book.

They have already contacted them and knew exactly the day of registration and the process of holding.

They will still be living with their foster parents for the next few months. Then they will find their eternal homes.

A wonderful and happy future awaits all of them.

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