When it’s his turn to answer his father’s question, his reaction is just priceless


A real pleasure awaits you today. Animals do not stop covering our day with warm emotions. This video is actually one of the most popular videos of 2011, which is a real time to remember. Even if you have seen it before, it is really worth looking at again and again.

The protagonist of the video is Denver, who deserves an Oscar for his acting talent ․․․

This funny dog ​​is better known as the Yellow Labrador, about which we have heard many other interesting stories and watched so many funny videos.

He was still very young, when he had already conquered the whole internet. In this video you will see the perfect display of his charisma. I just fell in love with this wonderful dog. He will capture your heart too when you watch this.

He really fully shows his emotions when his beloved father approaches him to ask about a very important problem in their home. He asked each of the dogs the same question, but when it came to Denver ․․․ you have to see for yourself its hilarious respons.

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