The Chinese millionaire bought the slaughterhouse and turned it into a shelter for more than 2000 dogs


Have you ever wondered what you would spend your money on if you had a lot of money or were a millionaire?

Many would say houses, cars, maybe even airplanes. In the case of this man, everything was different.

He is a millionaire and decided to help thousands of dogs.

It is Van Yang, get acquainted. He is the CEO of the steel business in Changchun, China.

But nothing could simply replace his beloved dog, which was lost.

This man was looking for his dog day and night wherever possible. And one day someone advised him to visit the slaughterhouse.

There are a lot of stray dogs in the city, so what the man saw there made him make a very important decision in his life.

It was a fateful visit for him. There were thousands of stray dogs inside, and all of them looked sad and tormented, with a terrible future.

It was a place for meat trade. Unfortunately, he did not find his dog there, but he was in terrible shock. He had never experienced such feelings in his life.

This is what he did, which shocked everyone. He bought the slaughterhouse and turned it into a shalter for dogs.

Can you imagine he spent $ 450,000 just to buy it? And then full of expenses to transform it.

It was 2015 when he rescued about 2000 dogs, many of whom were adopted and found their eternal homes.

It is wonderful to know that there are such wonderful people who take care of our wonderful companions. Many should follow his example.

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