The little boy loved his foster dog so much, that till now writes sweet letters about him to his new owners


It is just a brilliant idea to adopt a pet from the shelter. They have been waiting for that long-awaited day for so long.

A wonderful thing happened when the boy met the little puppy. The boy decided to send a sweet note to his new family, calling him “the best dog”.

It’s Maggie, a mix of pit bulls that was rescued while wandering the streets of New York last year.

Because he was too young to be adopted, the organization initially found a foster home.

Baby soon found the perfect foster family in Louisiana. Everyone adored the puppy, especially their 6years old son.

The family first explained to the boy, Roman, that this was not their dog. They just have to take care of him for a short time.

Although he understood all this, he nevertheless established a close relationship with the puppy during the holidays. It was just inevitable.

She loved to hug and play fetish. Unfortunately, it was already time tosay goodbye. It was time for doggie to return to the North Coast Animal League to find her eternal home.

Roman said his new family would just adore him when he saw how unique his dog was. Roman, of course, missed his friend and sent some wonderful letters to Maggie’s future adoptive parents with beautiful pictures.

He listed many wonderful things about him, such as that he loves children and football.

They were a very warm surprise for the managers of the animal League. It is clear that Maggie’s time with Roman has had a lasting effect on him.

They said that Maggie feels great in her new home, all because she grew up in a loving foster home.

They are so important. Everything later depends on their attitude.

The wonderful thing is that Maggie and Roman are in constant contact with each other and will always remain best friends.

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