The kind German shepherd started to take care of the little rescued deer always protecting him


When we think of a German shepherd, we imagine a fearless dog who would sacrifice his life to protect his master.

As for Sarj, it turns out that he becomes completely fluffy when it comes to injured or orphaned cubs.

Steven says that he brought stray animals home as a child and continues to this day.

He has 2 sons, they are also very animal-friendly and know how to treat animals.

Sarg has been a full member of their family for nine years now.

When Steven rescued a puppy six years ago, he discovered a whole new side to his dog.

One day they found a newborn deer on the side of the road.

At first they waited for the deer’s mother to return, but she did not come and there was no sign.

So Stephen brought the deer home to be cared for until he was old enough.

The dog immediately contacted the deer and seemed to be his nanny when he got home. He cared so much for her and was always there for her.

Steven has many other animals. For a long time they kept a family rooster named Ru, which protects the area, as well as a chicken.

Horses are also part of the family. Pigeons, a gorgeous little sheep, a newborn goat, and so on …

Buck is a cow they brought home when it was just a week old. They also tell and show their various pets on their social networks.

How gratifying that there are so many kind and animal-loving people who do a job worthy of great respect.

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