An unbearably heartbreaking scene where a mother dolphin can’t be separated from her baby’s body


Օ ne day this man, Michael McCarthny, was canoeing by boat near St.Petersburg, inFlorida, when he noticed something very unusual in front of him.

There was a dolphin swimming, but it seemed to be holding a small body.

At first, McCarty thought the dolphin was holding its ‘dinner’, but what turned out then, was so heartbreaking, and he would never forget it.

He says that he just could not believe everything he saw in front of him.

He then took out the camera and started filming the mother dolphin. He seemed to have arranged a funeral.

Fortunately, another dolphin swam with him, as if to comfort his friend.

It seemed that her baby was the victim of a collision with a motorboat, which happens very often.

They are more vulnerable because they can not swim so fast and often they suffer a lot.

The dolphin’s grief was so painful. Even animals have such deep emotions.

Some studies have shown that whales begin to exhibit such distressing behavior, especially mother dolphins.

This is so sad to see. It’s very heatbreaking.

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