After being abandoned the poor dog just couldn’t imagine his life without his teddy until he met the best dad ever


He was taken to a shelter with his bear, and he simply could not imagine what was happening and what awaited him.

He was completely alone. The name of the little miracle is Ellie.

Unfortunately, after being abandoned by his family, the dog was very scared and did not want to communicate with others, except his “best friend” teddy.

Luckily, Ellie was not going to stay that way for long. One of the rescuers named Jennifer, found the dog online by seeing her photos with her favorite bear.

He then contacted his brother, who had long wanted to adopt a dog of that breed.

The next day they went to pick up Ellie, taking all the relevant documents that everything was fine with the dog.

The dog first went to a foster home before being taken to his future home.

He really felt very good in his new home and thanks to caring people he was able to overcome his fears. But he was always still with his teddy bear.

Even when the foster family tried to photograph Ellie without her bear, she immediately got frightened.

But soon all his fears will come to an end when he meets his beloved father.

He had to be taken to Florida, so after a long journey the dog was very tired, but his father had a great plan to spend the whole day with him so that he would feel calmer and safer at once.

Undoubtedly, it will take some time for him to completely let go of his past and live happily.

After a very short time, the wonderful dog Ellie already felt very good in her caring family.

His new master was paying close attention to him. He could not even dream of such a happy future.

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