When his newborn little brother starts crying, the adorable cat knows how to calm him down


There are many many videos about our favorite animals on the social media. Most of them are about dogs and cats. Each time we are convinced of how smart and dedicated they are. They feel many things that a person is not even able to feel or notice. It seems that we have heard so many stories about them and seen everything. But each time we are even more amazed by our loyal friends.

This is one of the most wonderful and heartwarming videos you have ever seen. We advise you to keep your heart strong, as this kitten is going to steal it. When the parents brought their newborn baby home for the first time, they could not have imagined how their cute cat would react to it.

It was a surprise to them that the cat started to react very well and treated the baby very well considering him his little brother. .

I had never seen such a thing in my whole life. She can be a great babysitter. This cat does things for the baby that are very unusual for cats .
The baby was a little restless, and the cat realized how he could help her.

She sits next to the baby and gently starts stroking the baby’s face with her paw, then puts her little paw on the baby’s head. After a few seconds, the baby relaxes, immediately stops crying, and the the baby falls asleep. It’s so sweet and magical.

Then the sweet cat continues to hold the paw on the baby’s head for some time. Then he starts yawning and as if convinced that the child is already asleep, he sleeps too. Animals are truly the most amazing and mysterious creatures ever.

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