The sweet dog just can’t control his excitement seeing his father again after successful surgery


Dogs are definitely the sweetest creatures on the planet, and when they show how much they love us, it can be just the most exciting moment of our lives.

How can anyone think of harming these wonderful creatures who are so loyal to us and even willing to give their lives for us?

But this baby should not worry about anything, because he has obviously found the best buddy in the whole world.

After the operation to remove the lump from his neck, this wonderful dog missed his father so much that he could not control his excitement when they finally reunited.

They both waited so long for that moment. It is just very touching to watch that scene, where both of them are very excited and happy.

This is one of the most moving videos you can ever see.

As if he says. “Never leave me again, Dad, I missed you so much.”

The surgeons did a tremendous job on this adorable dog’s neck, and you can see where they removed the lump on his neck.

Baby, of course, is going to recover completely, thanks to those veterinarians who do everything possible for him.

It is nice to know that there are people who are dedicated to the lives of our animals and do their work selflessly day and night, saving millions of lives.

Watch this video to see how strong the connection between the two is. Wish you the best, miracle dog.

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