See what the annoyed cat did when these little sweet puppies wanted to ‘disturb’ his daytime sleep.


The cat’s favorite pastime is their daily sleep. Cats sometimes seem a little strange to us. Undoubtedly, they inherited their love for high temperatures from their desert ancestors. It is also a way for them to save energy. Warmth generally makes cats happier and safer.

So can you imagine how angry a cat would be when he was lying down to absorb the rays and some dogs wanted to “play” with him, disturbing his sleep? He definitely thinks ․ ”Do they have to jump like that in the light of my sun? Can’t they do anything else?”

You will see these funny scenes in the presented video. As usual, the cat enjoys its favorite pasture by the pool when these adorable, active puppies suddenly appear.

The cat tries to turn around to let them know they are disturbing him, but the pups do not understand him very well.

And then the funniest thing happens. The cat throws one of the dogs into the pool. Yes, angry cats are capable of anything. It’s so much fun. Just never make cats angry. They are ready for anything to protect their daytime sleep.

This is so much fun. We are sure that these little puppies will be more respectful next time and will leave their cat friend alone.

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