The poor Chihuahua survived the bites of the hawk who throw him down from the sky


This is a story about a 6-week-old baby who survived a very terrible accident. It all started when a group of builders heard the screams of a puppy.

They knew they had to do something urgent. They began follow carefully the voice, but did not find it.

They heard the crying again, and when one of them looked up, he realized that the voice was from there.

It was such a scary scene. They saw little Chihuahua caught by a hawk and floating in the sky with him.

They were completely shocked. They had never witnessed such an incident in their life.

They did not know what to do to help the baby, but the hawk finally threw him down.

The workers immediately ran to check the condition of the poor cub.

The baby was injured, but fortunately it was not so severe. So the workers took him to the nearest veterinary clinic, where he was properly examined.

The little puppy had a few scratches and bruises, but the fact that he was thrown down from the sky by a hawk, he was miraculously saved.

After this incident, he was given IVfluids to increase the strength of the baby.

Fortunately, little Chihuahua, Tony Hawk, is now receiving proper care and will soon be available for adoption.

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