Every night the sleepy bird starts to talk non-stop, then finally gets tired and falls asleep hugging his owner


Birds are really cute creatures. One of the advantages of parrot-like birds as a pet is that they are very funny. They are also considered wonderful interlocutors.
This adorable bird you see is Pedro. This ”butterfly” is one of the most famous and popular pets in the world, right after dogs and cats. This is not at all surprising. They are very cute and relatively affordable. This little bird is a great companion for most pet lovers.

This little bird has a fun habit every night. When his master sits at the computer, Pedro hugs him and lies on his stomach. But that’s not all:he speaks, he speaks incessantly. The owner says that the bird seems to be talking to itself. He does it for a few minutes every day, and you think he will never stop.

But then he gets tired of it all, starts muttering to himself, and finally falls asleep. We know that many birds sleep only when their environment is completely dark, but this one prefers computer light. You can now enjoy the video of this little sweet baby, who has a very special and unique nature.

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