The stray dog always tried to steal this purple unicorn, until due to the animal control center they became inseparable


The owner of the toy shop called the animal control center and mentioned that a dog had stolen the unicorn toy from the shop.

When they arrived, they bought the toy for the dog, which he liked so much.

No one knows for sure how this dog became a stray dog, one thing is certain: he adores unicorns.

He loves them so much that he entered the Dollar General store in NorthCarolina, trying to steal the purple toy 5 times.

Naturally, the owner of the shop was tired of it, so he called the animal control and a protocol was registered.

Then, Animal Services from the Dublin region shared these wonderful photos with his unicorn toy on social media.

It quickly took over the entire Internet. They took the dog with them to the shelter.

They reported that the dog’s name was Sisu, a name they had given the dog. He was about a year old at the time, weighing 66 pounds.

People were very moved by the actions of good people and Sisu’s boundless love for the unicorn toy.

The post about the dog was spread thousands of times, and so much attention finally gave the desired result.

In an updated post, the animal service reported that Sisu the dog had found his caring adoptive parents.

She can now live her days in an eternally caring home, surrounded by love and warmth, and of course with her lovely purple unicorn.

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