The woman who rescued and raised a lot of wild animals, have to say goodbye to her beloved lion


We want to tell you about this wonderful woman and her lovely lion. Her name is Ana Torres. She cares for a lot of abused animals in the Cali shelter located in Colombia.

This is where this lion named Jupiter lived. Many of the survivers here used to belong to drug dealers, who were fortunately later arrested.

Ana generally cares for a crocodile, four lions, a tiger, a jaguar, a cougar,and a bear.Also there are monkeys, chimpanze named Joko here, hundreds of beautiful birds.

All these animals have almost the same past and all of them are abused animals. Many of them are blind, or unable to concentrate, or have actually lost their eye, and so on.

Torres says that in addition to her 2 kids,she also has about 800 “children”, all of whom are so fantastic. But here is one that stands out from all the others. The lion name Jupiter was Ana’s favorite. The woman rescued the lion from the circus, where he was abused. They even took out his claws.

It is clear that after those cruel days, Jupiter completely lost confidence in people. As Ana started to look after him, she gradually changed.

One day, however, they decided to move the healthy lion to the Los Caymanes Zoo in Monteria.

The authorities made a decision to transfer the lion from Ana’s treatment under the pretext of lack of documents. While there, Jupiter quickly lost weight and became very ill.
He has lost so much weight that he has lost more than half of his weight and felt unbearably weak. So to save the poor lion’s life, he was taken to Anna Julia.

He was taken to the Cali Zoo for treatment, where veterinarians worked all the time to care for and rescue him. He was found to be battling liver cancer anemia. That was the last time he saw his beloved Ana.

Ana Torres says that she lost so much weight that she could not even recognize him. He weighed about 90 kilograms and could not even normally stand or move.

Jupiter sadly died in 2020due to his illness, but the memory about him will remain forever.

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