This amazing Cockatiel can’t stop singing the song ”If You’re Happy and You Know it”. Watch how he ”claps” his hands


Animals always ready yo amaze us with their extraordinary actions and amazing nature.

Today we will tell about one of the most amazing creatures on the planet – a parrot. Get acquainted, dear readers, this beauty is Phoebe.

By the way, he loves to sing and do many other fun things. Phoebe has been thinking about a very popular children’s song called “If You’re Happy And You Know It” for a long time. This parrot just cannot stop singing this catchy tune.

He even remembers every passage and detail, and like a song, he starts tapping on the table when it’s time to clap.

We know that these amazing species of birds – parrots and cockatoos – can imitate us very well, but the most amazing thing here is that this wonderful parrot immediately spreads his hands and uses his version of clapping.

It shows that he had to first think about how to make such a sound.

Phoebe is not only a beautiful bird, but also very smart and cute. Definitely spending time with him is very happy and fun for his family.

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