The UPS driver, who built an amazing bond with the sweet pit bull, saved him from being taken to a shelter


A very touching story awaits you. The woman, named Katie Newhouse, is a UPS courier driver.

He has quite a few customers all over the city, but there is one address that is more than special to him.

The fact is that the woman who lives at that address has a wonderful pit bull, Leon, who just adores Katie.

Every time the woman reaches that address, Leon runs to her and wags her tail happily.

This wonderful friendship lasted for more than a year, and with each meeting, their bond grew stronger and deeper.

But one day when Katie returned from vacation and went to her favorite address, she was saddened to hear some bad news.

The owner of the pit bull had died.

The kind woman realized that Leo would definitely be sent to a shelter, as she had no one else to take care of the dog.

SHe became so attached to this dog that she could not allow it to happen and eventually decided to adopt him.

He does not want the dog to be in the shelter or in the wrong hands after those difficult days. He deserves only care and love.

The woman says that she is definitely the sweetest dog the woman has ever met.

It’s so good that there are compassionate and caring people like Kathy.

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