After his birth they abandoned this poor little dog all alone behind the property, without food and roof


We must properly care for all animals in the world. All of them, without exception, deserve love and care.

Unfortunately, there are still so many heartless people who can treat animals very cruelly and leave them completely alone without feeling guilty.

This innocent dog named Gunnar has a similar story.

The poor dog was left completely alone after birth because his mother’s owners could not afford themselves to take care of him and his newborn siblings.

So they chose the worst option. The owners dumped all of Gunar’s siblings, but they left him all alone behind the property.

He was completely frightened because he was left alone without his family, without food and shelter.

He was carrying a piece of bread that was bigger than his mouth.

Happily, Sidewalk Specials found him on time and took him to a veterinary center, where he was examined properly and found ticks.

He needed iron injections because he had severe anemia due to worms.

He is given the necessary treatment by everyone, as well as a very caring attitude so that he can overcome his fears.

She will soon be ready for adoption and will definitely receive the love and warmth that had been deprived of.

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