Puppy meets baby goat and goes crazy in funny home video


A lot like human toddlers, animal babies don’t always want to play together, but it is fun to watch them try.

Someone put a baby goat in a pen with a puppy. The goat is curious about the puppy at first, but soon wants to escape.

While lying in his bed, the puppy looks at the tiny goat and repeatedly pokes his nose at it, trying to identify what it is.

Getting braver, the energetic puppy bounds out of his bed and romps around the cage, wagging his tail, inviting the goat to play with him.

The goat tries escaping by walking away from the puppy, but it follows, getting more and more insistent that the goat should play with him.

The goat seems frozen with fear as it stands by the cage wall and is nearly unable to stand when the dog becomes too excited.

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