These two rescued cats raise their kittens together


These rescued pregnant cats are inseparable from each other even after giving birth. They soon decide to raise their kittens together.

Having a trustworthy friend alongside you is a great relief, especially during hard times of our life. The same is true with these feline buddies who remained intact together.

Pickle and Olive, two pregnant tabbies, are inseparable from each other. They’re both brought to Nashville Cat Rescue expecting to have a better delivery process.

Even being rescued, the volunteers still opt to let them stay together as they saw how their bond can be a good source of strength during these challenging times.

After giving birth to cute little kittens, these two cats decide to continually stick with each other and raise their kids together.

The volunteers were all amazed at how they can be so caring with their babies.

Undoubtedly, this is one kind of epic animal story. This only proves that even cats have this kind of affection with its kind. This lovely feline bond will surely melt your heart.

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