Navy SEAL helps retired military K9s struggling to find a home


Retired k9s are not like ordinary dogs that are designed and raised as pets. Their lack of adaptability to a normal lifestyle makes it difficult for them to find someone to adopt them once they retire.

For this reason, retired Navy SEAL, Mike Ritland, has taken it upon himself to ensure that the retired k9s also get the chance to find new homes after their years of service.

Usually, once a k9 retires, the handler gets to keep or adopt them. In situations where the retired k9 doesn’t have somewhere to go, Ritland comes to the rescue.

He has formed the Warrior Dog Foundation, aiming to help the retired k9s find suitable homes. The dogs are rehabilitated and trained to adapt to the everyday lifestyle.

Training them needs patience because the k9s are trained to neutralize and apprehend threats, something other dogs aren’t trained to do. Therefore, one needs to be careful not to trigger them.

Having rescued more than 100 retired military dogs, Ritland is still determined to give a better life to these retired heroes. So far, he has made an effort to find happy homes for some of the k9s.

According to Ritland, giving these dogs what they deserve should be both a pleasure and an honor, considering all they have done for the troops and the nation. And we couldn’t agree more.

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