Adorable baby deer meets a bunch of super cute curious kittens


Everyone loves a good friendship story. However, do you want to know what’s even better? Beautiful bonds between species that are so different from each other. This proves friendship can overcome any odds.

Speaking of interspecies friendship, this video of a fawn meeting his kitten friends is sure to melt your heart. Netizens have seen this adorable video over 25K times, and we can’t complain!

This one-minute video shows a baby deer surrounded by a bunch of kittens. You can hardly make a headcount, as these little munchkins are always moving around the baby deer.

The fawn seems to enjoy the company of his kitten friends. He sits in the very center while his black and white tiny kitten friends surround him from all sides.

Cats are indeed curious creatures. And, these baby kittens will further prove this point. You’ll see for yourself how excited they are to meet the fawn for the very first time.

The way they examine the baby dear will surely make you laugh. Some of them even invent a game of jumping over his back. However, the fawn doesn’t seem to mind at all.

This adorable baby deer is pretty calm and receptive to his kitten friends.

However, their interaction again shows we human beings need to be more open and accepting of each other, like the beautiful bond shown in the video.

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