“Big bad wolf” jumps in baby’s bed!! (She’s so confused!!)


Teddy and Niko are two giant Alaskan Malamute dogs who are also famously known as teddy bears. The three dogs & a cat live together with their loving and caring owner Emma-Leigh & Shane Matthews, and their daughter Amelia.

Emma always wanted to get a snow dog, preferably a Husky. Still, as soon as she did some research, she discovered the Alaskan Malamute dogs and fell in love with them.

Teddy and Niko are always around Amelia as they are very protective of her. However, this time Teddy is much more interested in resting in the comfortable bed made for Amelia.

Teddy simply hops up on the bed. Emma calls for Amelia to show her that Teddy, her pet dog, has occupied the bed and she has nowhere to sleep tonight.

The little girl is too shocked at the sight and looks at the dog without saying anything. Emma wanted Amelia to ask Teddy to get out of her bed.

Amelia speaks small, simple words such as “out” and “bad” to show her displeasure.

However, Teddy is not bothered at all and does not move out of the crib. He had decided that he would sleep on Amelia’s comfortable bed and enjoy a sound sleep with his favorite human.

Later on, even Amelia was not bothered by her bed being occupied as she played the piano. Niko sat there looking at all the drama that was happening around her. However, Teddy gave up initially as it was Amelia’s time for bed.

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