Kitten melts everyone’s hearts with his quirky self-soothing behaviors


Charli lives with her cat Archie and 2 dogs in the country of Greece. Archie is an adorable kitten who loves to sleep and also suck on the chin of his owner Charli.

Whenever Charli would cuddle with the kitten, he would start his routine of sucking the chin to soothe himself. Archie and many other kittens in Greece have not got the extra comfort they need.

So, the cats redirect it onto the humans that care for them. Charlie, now a mom to an adorable cat, understands that she will be suckled for the rest of her life.

Archie soon grew up, and Charlie decided to teach him to self-soothe which he quickly learned. Archie would love to jump on Charli’s shoulders and would perch. So, Charli decided to take him on a walk with her.

Charli would wait for Archie to get down and explore the area when they went for a walk. They would even go for car drives, and he loved to put his head out of the window.

He would sit with the other dogs on the car seat and watch the world outside the car. Charlie and Archie even share a shower and are very close to each other.

Charli thinks that her soul is bonded to her innocent kitten Archie. Both of them share a fantastic relationship and understand each other very well. Charli and Archie are soulmates.

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