Giant dogs love looking after their little sister


Ruby is a little girl who loves her two loyal friend dogs Biggie and Lucy, and they live together with her parents Natasha and Craig. When Ruby was born, the two big dogs took her for their sister, and their bond was very strong.

Biggie is the dude and the brother in the house and weighs around 130 pounds. On the other hand, Lucy is the kind of nanny dog with soulful eyes that make her look like she’s constantly worrying.

During Ruby’s pregnancy, Lucy knew about it and would sleep beside Natasha every night for the entire period. Ruby and Lucy have this special connection, and theirs is a loving motherly relationship.

Ruby’s little brother Sonny joined the family and immediately became part of the pack. The dogs like him immensely, especially during mealtime since he will always have his food all over the place.

Sonny loves her sister’s company and will do everything she does, including playing, skating, and feeding their canine friends, where he loves giving a hand. After this, sonny would go up to his Dad and request ice cream.

The family embarks on a campout. Everyone is excited, including Lucy, who is eager to walk the dogs for exploration but forgets the leashes. Biggie and Lucy love camping, but they won’t play around and would rather lay down.

Lucy and sonny take the dogs for a walk in the hills, and daddy is pleased to see the bond between them and how it instills confidence in the little kids.

Mommy is equally elated for her kids growing up with the dogs and wouldn’t wish it any other way.

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